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EuroJackpot app for Euro Millions download now from Ovi Store.
MegaJackpot app for Mega Millions download now from Ovi Store.
PowerJackpot app for Powerball download now from Ovi Store.
L-Asistente app for El Gordo de la Primitiva download now from Ovi Store (only in Spain).
EnaMobi app for Super Enalotto download now from Ovi Store (only in Italy).
LOTOAIDE app for LOTO download now from Ovi Store (only in France and Belgium).
LOTTOHILFE app for LOTTO 6/49 download now from Ovi Store (only in Germany).
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About This App

Do you count characters in textarea? If the answer is yes, then download this app!

Write or just paste a characters in the textarea. Press count button. The app will calculate and display the number of characters within a textarea.

Blank spaces are counted as characters!

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